Ben Martin

VP, Strategic Operations

Ben Martin

Mr. Martin took his first corporate job out of college with Walgreens Pharmacy and rose quickly over 7 years to lead a $40M region. Very quickly, Ben learned the importance of our healthcare system and the impact it has on each person individually. That passion for others and the ability to connect with many personalities created a sense of direction to do more to change our outcomes for the better.

In 2014, after the passing of his Grandfather who owned and operated one of the largest State Farm Agency’s in South Carolina, Ben decided he needed to pursue a greater purpose and started Personalized Healthcare Consultants. With years of experience filling prescriptions for patients with minimal positive outcomes, he knew there had to be another way. Soon, Ben became deeply rooted in genetic testing and the science that provided patients with a more personalized medication management plan.

Over the next few years, Ben grew PHC to a multi-million-dollar organization that stood committed to patients and their outcomes. Working with several large healthcare organizations, mental health departments and community nonprofits, he created programs that allowed providers to engage patients in a more effective way that increased their outcomes. Serving on the Board of the National Alliance of Mental Illness, he found a way to promote positive communication in our communities and rallied support of citizens who needed help and were not able to connect with the appropriate support groups and provides.

In 2017, he sold Personalized Healthcare Consultants and joined the inFocus team in 2018 as the Vice President of Strategic Operations where he oversees daily pursuits to fulfill our healthcare needs across the USA and around the world. Ben specializes working with all types of groups from the small rural companies to the large “Fortune 500”, C-Level Executives.

In his spare time, he enjoys going to the beach, traveling, and playing golf. Ben, a native of Irmo, SC currently lives in Bluffton, SC with his wife Emily and his two sons Finnley and Brodie.

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